The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on human rights in Greece, including as a result the of discriminatory restrictions on asylum-seekers, problems accessing online school, and shortcomings in protections against violence for women. Greece hosts large numbers of asylum seekers while failing to protect their rights. Nongovernmental groups working with asylum seekers face legislative restrictions and smears by officials. After a legal change, authorities halted the practice of detaining unaccompanied migrant children in police cells. Hate crimes and anti-immigrant sentiment are a concern, despite convictions of neo-Nazi party members for a conspiracy to carry out racist and other attacks. Impunity for police ill-treatment is common.


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Human Rights Watch #FreeTheKids Greece Migrant Immigration Detention Campaign

Hundreds of migrant children in Greece without a parent or relative are sitting behind bars in immigration detention and at heightened risk for contracting COVID-19.  Childhood happens only once in a lifetime – we need your help to make sure they get theirs!