Take Action

Every year, Canada detains thousands of people seeking safety or a better life. Your provincial leaders have the power to change this! Tell them to end their immigration detention contracts with the federal government today: welcometo-canada.org

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children across 60 countries are chained, simply for having a mental health condition. Together, we can help end this inhumane practice. Join the global movement to #BreakTheChains.

For years, momentum has grown in Japan for an LGBT Equality Act. Next year, Japan will host the Tokyo2020 Olympics, marking a once-in-a-generation moment to champion LGBT equality. Show your support for an Equality Act.

Did you know children can legally marry in Massachusetts? A new bill to end all marriages under age 18 (S.2294) will be considered in the Massachusetts State legislature in 2019.  Please contact Massachusetts lawmakers to tell them to make this bill a priority to ensure this legislation gets passed.

When the Saudi government agreed to let women drive, major car companies publicly and rightly hailed that development. It was a step towards equality for women in the Kingdom and created a lucrative new market for the industry. Now, the courageous women that fought for their right to drive are being arrested, jailed, and harassed. It is a cruel irony that the women who fought for equality are in jail while the companies stand to make millions from the market those women have helped create. They should tell the government to stop going after these activists.