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German Postcode Lottery Grants

Equitable Health Care, Covid-19 Vaccine for Conflict Zones; Digital Communications

Displaced Syrian children read a poster, outlining 7 steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus disease, at a camp for the internally displaced near Dayr Ballut, near the Turkish border in the rebel-held part of Aleppo province on March 22, 2020, during a campaign to prevent the spread of the virus. © 2020 RAMI AL SAYED/AFP via Getty Images

(Berlin, October 19, 2021) – The German Postcode Lottery is supporting the work of Human Rights Watch in two major areas with more than half a million euros. A €250,000 grant will be used to ensure more equitable access to health care and vaccines for people living in areas of conflict or crisis around the world, and a €300,000 grant will be used for innovative digital communications work in Germany to reach broader audiences in support of human rights.  

Millions of people across the globe live in areas engulfed in crisis or conflict. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, their situations have deteriorated dramatically. Support from the social lottery will enable Human Rights Watch to help protect the right to health for the most marginalized communities in these settings.

Human Rights Watch will focus on three key priorities: ensuring that medical and other supplies reach the most vulnerable people; that disadvantaged groups, such as stateless or displaced people, have access to lifesaving Covid-19 vaccines; and that governments do not use the pandemic as a pretext to undermine the right to health.

In addition, the social lottery´s support will help Human Rights Watch to raise awareness of fundamental human rights issues in Germany and beyond through digital storytelling and innovative use of traditional and social media, and to mobilize the German public to defend these rights.

“With the incredible generosity of the German Postcode Lottery and its players, Human Rights Watch will continue its important mission to secure a more just and equitable world,” said Wenzel Michalski, Germany director of Human Rights Watch.

For five years, the German Postcode Lottery has been a reliable partner to Human Rights Watch," said Katja Diemer, who is responsible for the charity department at the postcode lottery. "In a globally interconnected world, we support the work not only nationwide, but also internationally. As a social lottery, we take our responsibility seriously and stand up for social cohesion in society. We are pleased to continue supporting Human Rights Watch's work."

Since 2016, the German Postcode Lottery has supported over 3,300 projects with more than 100 million euros. Thirty percent of each ticket entry goes to charitable organizations that work on behalf of people and the environment.

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

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